Facade Black Rook Spares

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This is a spare item from the Babywearers of Azeroth custom order.
These colours & pattern were chosen by a customer group and this fabric was then woven especially for them by Oscha. To learn more about Custom Group orders, please visit our blog.
If you have questions about this item please email
*Please note this picture is a digital mock-up and so cannot show the textures and characteristics of a woven fabric.
** Scarves and half-width items will show only half of this grad and pattern.
*** Some other smaller items will only show a small section of the pattern shown.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gentle machine wash cycle at 30 degrees on a delicate or wool cycle, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Lie flat to dry. Iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 60% Organic Combed Cotton 40% Superwash Wool, 68cm wide.

FABRIC WEIGHT: 257 gsm approx.




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