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Kasumi Anemone (Bottom Half) Scarf

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This is a spare item from the I Follow River Custom Group order.�This scarf will show the bottom half of this grad and pattern.

These colours & pattern were chosen by a customer group and this fabric was then woven especially for them by Oscha. To learn more about Custom Group orders, please visit Clan Oscha

As the colour is so vibrant on this item, we would suggest washing once before wear to avoid any dye running onto clothing. All of our dyes are�OEKO-TEX��certified and are perfectly safe for children and the environment, however, a quick wash will avoid the small possibility of stains. Always wash following the instructions.�

If you have questions about this item please email [email protected]

*Please note this picture is a digital mock-up and so cannot show the textures and characteristics of a woven fabric.

** Some smaller items will only show a small section of the pattern show.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand washing is recommended, although a silk cycle on a known reliable machine may be used at your own risk. Use a suitable silk detergent.
Hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight and iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 100% Schappe silk.

FABRIC WEIGHT: 152gsm approx

Oscha scarves are made of the same finest quality, natural fabric as our slings, allowing you to wear these beautiful and striking designs, in wonderfully tactile fabrics, whether you are carrying your baby or not. They measure approximately 1.8m x 35cm.


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