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Oakenshield Unlikely Allies (Bottom Half) Toy Wrap

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Please note: We do not always reweave our fabrics, but you will receive a notification if this item becomes available.

This is a lovely half width sling for your little person to carry their special toy!

An alternating pinstriped warp features a gorgeous mixture of green and brown tones, which give a wonderfully earthy look to this Middle Earth Collection wrap.

Nubs and slubs from the bourette show up as gorgeous golden flecks across this textured sling


Oscha Toy Wraps are made from our finest sling fabric and cut for use by children, allowing your little one to copy Mummy & Daddy by carrying their favourite toy around with them. They make a lovely addition to the nursery for inspired creative play, you will be amazed to see what little minds invent for their use! Approximately 2.7m x 35cm.


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