Which size Baby Wrap should I choose?

Woven wraps come in seven sizes, each size is a specific length which can be used for different carries. You can learn more about the sizes with our Size Guide. Read on to learn more about why we offer different sizes and find out which one might be best for you.

What is a Base Size?

Base size is the size of wrap with which you can comfortably do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).

A lot of the time we suggest choosing your base size as your first woven wrap, this is because it offers you the flexibility to try a lot of different styles of carries including the FWCC which is a great carry to learn the techniques of wrapping. 

Find your Base Size

However, woven wraps sizes aren’t like clothing sizes, so you can choose virtually any size and find a carry which works for you. If the wrap fabric you have chosen is not available in your base size, don’t panic, you might find another size works even better for your family.

Note: Other carries are usually noted as needing a size + or – your base, for example, a carry needing a base -1 would be one size down from your base.

Why would I choose another size?

You might be thinking – “If you can do most carries with a base then why offer other sizes?” There are a few reasons you might want another size:

  • Wraps smaller than your base allow you to do single pass ‘shorty’ carries and not be left with long tails.
  • Wraps longer than your base may allow you to do carries with more passes for extra support and will let you explore some fancy finishes. 
  • Shorter wraps can be convenient for keeping in your bag for ‘quick ups’ as your little one grows and becomes more independent.
  • Longer wraps might be easier to wrap with as your little one moves towards toddlerhood, but still wants to be carried for long periods.

What size should I choose?

For new wrappers, we would not suggest getting a wrap larger than your base size. Longer wraps can be harder to work with given the amount of material to safely control and this makes them tricky to learn with. 

However, something smaller than your base size can be a great choice! Many people love to use smaller wraps as they are easier to control and still offer a huge amount of flexibility. 

Whether you are a little more experienced or new to wrapping, keep reading to explore which size might be best for you.

Top Tip: If you are finding it hard to choose a size, we would suggest choosing your base size. 

Why choose a shorty?

A shorty is a great choice for new and experienced wrappers! A shorty wrap is a base -2 or smaller.

  • Less fabric to work with 
  • A big variety of front, hip and back carries to choose from
  • Perfect for quick ups and downs as your little one grows 
  • A cheaper option to experiment with

Our favourite shorty carries:
Short Cross Carry
Kangaroo Carry
Slipknot Carry
Robins Hip Carries
Ruck Back Carry 

Top tip: Using a pair of sling rings to finish instead of tying off your wrap saves length and allows you to try even more carries.

Shop Sizes 2, 3 & 4

Michelle, above, uses a base -2 for a simple slipknot carry.

Why choose a base size?

A base size offers a few more options for wrappers!

  • Even more carrying options for hip, front and back carries
  • You can comfortably wrap a Front Wrap Cross Carry
  • More flexibility to add additional supportive passes as your little one grows
  • Longer tails give options for decorative finishes

Our favourite base size carries:
All the carries listed above for the shorty (with longer tails)
Double Hammock Back Carry

Shop Sizes 5, 6 & 7

Jenna using her base size to tie a Double Hammock Back Carry with a Candy Cane finish

Why choose a long wrap?

As we have mentioned above we don’t usually suggest choosing a longer wrap as a beginner, however, if you do choose a long wrap you will be able to do all the carries listed above as well as experimenting with some more decorative finishes and carries with more passes and support.

A longer wrap may also make sharing with your partner easier, however we do usually suggest choosing with the main user in mind.

Oscha’s founder, Zoe, also liked a base +1 as it allowed her to tie the knots at the front to make sitting more comfortable.

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Don’t Panic!

We know that choice can be overwhelming which is why we have trained consultants on hand to help you. Simply email us on [email protected] or contact us through the messenger button in the corner of the screen.

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