Why do Baby Wraps come in different sizes?

Woven wraps come in seven sizes, each size is a specific length which can be used for different carries. You can learn more about the sizes with our Size Guide.

What is the Base Size?

Base size is the size of wrap with which you can comfortably do a Front Wrap Cross Carry. Once you have found your Base Size, you will be able to choose a sling that will give you the flexibility to try a few different types of carries and discover what suits you and your little one.

Find your Base Size

Why Choose Other Sizes?

You might be thinking – “If you can do most carries with a base then why offer other sizes?” There are a few reasons you might want another size:

  • Wraps smaller than your base allow you to do single pass ‘shorty’ carries and not be left with long tails.
  • Wraps longer than your base may allow you to do carries with more passes for extra support and will let you explore some fancy finishes. 
  • Shorter wraps can be convenient for keeping in your bag for ‘quick ups’ as your little one grows and becomes more independent.
  • Longer wraps might be easier to wrap with as your little one moves towards toddlerhood, but still wants to be carried for long periods.

Note: Wraps smaller than your base are generally referred to as base -1, -2 etc, while wraps longer than your base are referred to as base +1, +2 and so on.  

What Can I Do with a Size 2 or 3?

A size 2 or 3 (or base -4 or -3) can be great for ‘quick ups’ or single pass carries with shorter tails. Here are a few carries you could try with these sizes:

Slipknot carry
Ruck tied under bum

Using a pair of sling rings to finish instead of tying off your wrap

What Can I Do with a Size 4 or 5?

A size 4 or 5 (or base -2 or -1) can be used for carries with single-pass carries with slightly longer tails. Here are a few carries you could try with these sizes:

Short Cross Carry
Robin’s Hip Carry
Ruck Back Carry

What Can I Do with a Size 6?

A size 6 (or base size) is a great place to start for new wrappers, most carries listed above can also be done with a 6 but will leave you with longer tails. Here are a few more carries you can do with this size:

Front Wrap Cross Carry
Reinforced Kangaroo Carry
Double Hammock Back Carry

What Can I Do with a Size 7 or 8?

A size 7 or 8 (or base +1 or +2) are great for when your little one gets a bit bigger or you want to explore some fancy finishes, such as:

Freshwater Finish
Saltwater Finish

Learn more about choosing the right size baby wrap with our handy video