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Caring for Your Woven Sling

Our slings are made from the highest quality yarns we can find, but as with any jacquard woven textile,
a little care is required to keep your baby carrier happy.

Washing Your Sling

As a rough guide, most wraps can be washed at 30 degrees. Wool & silk blends should be handwashed,
although a gentle machine cycle may be used at your own risk. All of our slings have specific washing
instructions on their care labels and also on their product listing pages.

Hang to Dry

We recommend hanging your wraps to dry them, although wool should always be laid flat. Tumble drying
can reduce the life of the fabric but some blends benefit from a short cool cycle, for example, linen and hemp.

Do Not Bleach

We advise against the use of bleach and fabric softeners on your Oscha sling as this
can reduce the life of the fabric as well as making it less grippy.

Ironing Your Wrap

A cool iron is recommended for most slings as this helps finish the breaking in process and
avoids the fabric creasing repeatedly along the same lines which can wear the fabric over time.

For linen and cotton wraps a steam iron is recommended. It is best to iron linen when it is still
a little damp – it is just easier! Linen fibres may appear compacted after washing but ironing while
damp, or spraying with a little water beforehand, will allow the fibres to relax and return to normal.

Ready To Wear

Most jacquard woven fabrics take a bit of time to soften but we take great care to finish our slings so
they are ready to wear straight from the bag with no extra washing required. Some slings need a little
extra love, this means they have tougher yarns (such as hemp) and may need to be worn a few times
to become buttery soft. To speed things up, try braiding your sling or running it through sling rings.
This will break down the fibres and soften the fabric nice and quickly.

Chemical Free

All of our slings go through a chemical-free finishing process so
they don't require washing before touching your baby's delicate

Soft to Touch

Our wraps are finished using a soft-touch technique - a cycle of
eco-friendly washes that leaves your sling wonderfully soft straight
from the bag.