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Learn to Carry Your Baby Comfortably and Safely

Baby slings are a great tool for busy parents and provide many wonderful benefits when used correctly. It is important to read the instructions carefully on receiving your new sling and to follow the safety advice given.

You can view our Babywearing Instruction Booklet here.

Woven Wraps

Ring Sings

Cairis Carrier

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Using a woven baby wrap, ring sling or baby carrier may seem complex at first but just like tying your shoes, with practice it will soon become second nature to you. Take your time, enjoy the process and don’t worry too much about achieving the ‘perfect carry’ the first couple of times; as long as your little one is secure and in a safe position you are doing great!

Learning to Use your Woven Baby Carrier

Comfy, Ergonomic Positioning is Easy

Creating a good 'seat' is important for comfort and safety. This means that your little one should always be securely sat on a snug band of fabric. When using any of our baby carriers, you should be aiming for your little one to be sitting in the comfy 'M' position. This means you should try to make sure that the fabric is spread from knee pit to knee pit and that their bum is lower than their knees. This position will ensure that you have a secure seat and that you that your little one is comfy. Achieving the 'M' position will make carrying comfier for you both and will help support healthy hip development.

Top Tip: Make sure you and your baby are feeling calm, content and happy before trying your sling the first few times. Your little one may seem unsettled in the sling at first; remember this is new for them as well! Try taking a little walk after your baby is in the sling as this will allow them to settle and get used to the feeling of being in the sling.

Remember Your Safety Checks

When you have finished tying your wrap or sling the most important steps are to check your little one's airways are clear, that your sling is tight and secure and that you are comfortable taking your hands away from baby. If you are not comfortable doing so then your sling will need tightened and adjusted.

'M' Position
Ensure baby's bottom is below their knees and fabric is knee-to-knee.
Supported Carry
Ensure carry is tight enough to prevent slumping while allowing a gentle curve of the spine.
Close Enough to Kiss
Ensure little one's chin is not on their chest and that their face is clear of fabric.
Take Care Bending
Bend with your knees and support baby.
Consider Your Comfort
Ensure the fabric is spread across your back without being twisted.
Be Mindful of Temperature
Be aware of baby's temperature when in the sling and avoid overheating.

Looking for a simple list to run through when carrying?
The TICKS guidelines provide an easy and comprehensive checklist to follow.

A Few Safety Points to Consider

✔ Avoid strenuous activities when wearing your baby.
✔ Be aware of any objects your child can reach, particularly anything hot or sharp.
✔ When using a wrap, always tie securely with a double knot.
✔ Check your sling for any signs of wear and tear before each use. Stop using immediately if you notice any damage.
✔ Do not use in place of a car seat.
✔ Exercise caution when near open flames.
✔ Do not operate machinery, drive a vehicle or ride a bike when using a sling.
✔ Do not leave a sling around your child unsupervised.

Use common sense when using a sling. Your baby’s safety is your responsibility.

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