Woven Wrap Size Guide

Woven wraps come in seven sizes, each size is a specific length which can be used for different carries.

Size 2 – 2.7m
Size 3 – 3.2m
Size 4 – 3.7m
Size 5 – 4.2m
Size 6 – 4.7m
Size 7 – 5.2m
Size 8 – 5.7m
Ring Sling – about 2m

Woven wrap sizes are determined by the length of the fabric, the width is always the same. For an Oscha sling, the width will generally be between 61-70cm.

When you start to use woven wraps the first carry many people learn is a Front Wrap Cross Carry. Therefore, we recommend you start with the size of sling that will allow you to do this carry. This is known as your Base Size.

 Your Base Size is determined by your size, height and the size of your baby.  This simple guide will give you an idea of which size might be right for you: 

UK size 8≤: Base size 5
UK size 10-12: Base size 6
UK size 12-16: Base size 7
UK size 16+: Base size 8 

If you are tall (5ft 10 +) or have a baby who is more than 12 months old, we would suggest going one size up. If you are buying a wrap to share and are unsure which size to buy, it is generally recommended to buy with the main user in mind.

What is a Base Size?

Base size is the size of wrap with which you can comfortably do a Front Wrap Cross Carry. Once you have found your Base Size, you will be able to choose a sling that will give you the flexibility to try a few different types of carries and discover what suits you and your little one.

Once you are comfortable with your Base Size,  you will be able to explore other types of carries that require different length slings. Learn why you may like to choose a different size and discover what other carries you can do with alternative size.

Need more information about what a baby wrap is? You can find our handy guide here.

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The Cairis carrier is a half buckle carrier is wrap style straps, and the Bairn carrier is our version of a full buckle carrier.

Please note: The final length of your sling will be +/- 10cm the lengths above.
We cut our slings a little longer to allow for some shrinkage during the first wash, after their bath they should be the correct length (within tolerances).
All measurements are taken on a flat surface, measurements taken ‘soft tape in hand’ will not reflect the true size of your sling.