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Which Fabric Blend Should I Choose?

Choosing a fabric blend that is right for you and your little one is important when looking for a wrap or ring sling, however all of our fabrics are designed with comfortable carrying in mind - so, never fear, you can only make a good choice! Here you'll find a little information about the wrapping qualities of our specially selected, high-quality yarns.

If you are looking for a toddler or newborn then you can visit our buying guides for detailed help with choosing a sling.

Considering a soft structured carrier? With our Bairn, Cairis & Nooks, fabric blends are not as important - we suggest you go for a fabric you love!

Fabric Blends

Different combinations of yarns (or blends) will bring different wrapping qualities to your sling - our product pages will tell you the percentage of each of the yarns used in its construction this should give you an idea of how prominent the wrapping qualities of each yarn are in your chosen sling.


Cotton is the most common yarn we use here at Oscha as it offers wonderful wrapping qualities from newborn to toddlerhood. Cotton is soft and strong, making it perfect for baby carriers, it offers a little cushioning for the shoulders without being overly bulky and is lovely and breathable. Plus, it is easy-care so can be washed in the machine!

✔ Soft & Strong

✔ Breathable

✔ Easy-care

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Hemp, Linen & OE Spun European Linen

This selection of yarns bring a host of wonderful wrapping qualities to our slings. Linen, hemp and OE Spun linen are all hardy plants, which produce strong and sturdy fibres which are perfect for babywearing. Linen and hemp, in particular, are among the most common yarns we use when weaving our fabrics.

✔ Cooling & Moisture-wicking

✔ Durable & strong

✔ Shimmery

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Silk is a yarn well-loved by babywearers around the world due, in part, to its versatility and strength. A luxurious yarn with a rich lustre and unique texture, silk is a firm favourite here at Oscha. Silk’s temperature-regulating qualities are another reason it is great for year-round carrying.

✔ Mouldable & soft

✔ Temperature regulating

✔ Breathable & strong

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Tencel, Bamboo & Viscose Slub

Tencel, bamboo and viscose slub are all varieties of viscose yarns. These yarns all offer wonderful wrapping qualities. They are moisture-wicking and breathable, and their antimicrobial properties mean they need to be washed less frequently making them perfect for babywearing. Most viscose fabrics will have a lovely, malleable drape and will tend to have a rich lustre and shine. 

✔ Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial

✔ Mouldable and soft

✔ Smooth and shiny

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Wool is an incredibly varied yarn, with different varieties offering a wonderful array of properties for babywearers. Generally, wool offers a lovely rich cushioning on the shoulders, as well as a durable support which is well loved by babywearers in all climates. Temperature regulating and breathable, wool slings are more versatile than you might imagine.

✔ Supportive & Strong

✔ Temperature regulating

✔ Grippy

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Fabric Characteristics

Each woven product has its own unique character, from nubs and slubs to wonderfully flecked wild silk, the varied nature of yarns bring a distinctive look and feel to your woven wrap. Head to our blog to learn more about the natural characteristics of your woven sling.