Which Fabric Blend Should I Choose?

Choosing a fabric blend that is right for you and your little one is important, however all of our fabrics are designed
with comfortable carrying in mind – so you can’t really make a bad choice! Here you’ll find a little information about
the wrapping qualities of our specially selected, high-quality yarns.

If you are looking for a toddler or newborn then you can visit our buying guides for detailed help with choosing a sling.
Considering a soft structured carrier? With these fabric blends are not as important – we suggest you go for a fabric you love!

Fabric Blends

Different combinations of yarns (or blends) will bring different wrapping qualities to your sling – our product pages
will tell you the percentage of each of the yarns used in its construction this should give you an idea of how prominent
the wrapping qualities of each yarn are in your chosen sling.

Organic Combed Cotton

Soft and strong, organic combed cotton is perfect for all ages and wrapping abilities. Our organic cottons are stronger than many standard cottons, with our weavers often commenting on the durable nature of these yarns. Softening up with ease, it gives great support for your baby with a lovely cush on your shoulders. An easy-care yarn, a 100% organic combed cotton wrap is a great blend to start with.

Pure Bamboo

Pure bamboo blends are super soft & breathable with a lovely cush for the shoulders. Organically and sustainably grown, this eco-friendly yarn is UV resistant, moisture wicking and odour resistant.

Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Viscose blends are super soft & malleable, perfect for warmer climates. This yarn is great for carrying newborns, but also works well for toddlers if you are using multilayer carries. Organically and sustainably grown, this eco-friendly yarn is UV resistant, moisture wicking and odour resistant.


Strong, breathable and wonderfully malleable, silk blend wraps are perfect for all ages. A great yarn for beginners to look out for is Wild Silk yarns offer strength with little bulk meaning they knot & wrap easily while offering great support.

Bourette and Tussah Silks are great yarns for those who are looking for a little extra strength and support.


Strong and durable, hemp blends need a little love and wear to become fully broken in but they will reward you with perfect support. UV resistant, temperature regulating and antimicrobial these blends are a great choice for toddlers.


Strong, and eco-friendly, linen blends need a little love and wear to become fully broken in. Breathable and supportive these blends will soften with time to become extremely versatile wraps.

We often use cottolin warps, which have a low percentage linen blend (c.14-16%) coupled with organic combed cotton, these have different wrapping qualities to a high percentage linen wrap. A cottolin warp offers strength and breathability with more moldability straight out of the bag, a higher percentage linen sling might need a little more love to become buttery soft.


Cushy and supportive, wool blend wraps are great for little ones through to toddlerhood. With temperature regulating properties a wool blend can take you easily from summer to winter – making this yarn a great all-rounder.

Superwash Wool

Superwash wool and Superwash cashwool are cushy without being itchy or thick, a great choice for comfort and support. With all the temperature regulating qualities of wool, these blends are great for warmer climates too, but also love the delicate 30° cycle on your machine.

Specially Spun Cottons

Ice cotton and Cosy cotton are specially spun cottons. Ice cotton is designed to be cool to the touch and breathable, it is ideal for carrying in warmer weather. Cosy cotton is designed to be soft and cushy, mimicking the wrapping qualities of wool, it is great for those who can’t wear wool but love its properties.

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island Cotton blends are woven from a rare long staple cotton yarn, hand picked in the British West Indies. Famed for its luxurious silky sheen & outstanding strength, with a little love these blends will become one of the softest, cushiest yarns around.

Britspun Supima and Suvin Gold Cottons

Spun in Manchester, UK our Britspun yarns are strong and durable with a rich shimmer. Both Supima & Suvin Gold are long staple yarns, meaning they give extra support and comfort when carrying heavier babies and toddlers – plus they are easy care!


Tencel blends are strong & soft. Tiny fibres in the yarn are great at absorbing moisture, making these blends breathable & wonderfully wrinkle free. Collecting less odour & bacteria than other fabrics they need to be washed less often. Produced using less water & land than cotton, this is a great eco-friendly alternative.

Fabric Characteristics

Each woven product has its own unique character, from nubs and slubs to wonderfully flecked wild silk,
the varied nature of yarns bring a distinctive look and feel to your woven wrap. Head to our blog to learn
 about the natural characteristics of your woven sling.