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Wrapping Qualities: Wool

Wool is an incredibly varied yarn, with different varieties offering a wonderful array of properties for babywearers. Generally, wool offers a lovely rich cushioning on the shoulders, as well as a durable support which is well loved by babywearers in all climates. Temperature regulating and breathable, wool slings are more versatile than you might imagine - keep reading to learn more.

From fine and mouldable Superwash wool to thick and textured Lambswool, we take care to ensure our yarns are responsibly produced. Depending on the type of wool used your sling might be perfect for all ages, or more suited to bigger kids.

✔ Supportive & Strong

✔ Temperature regulating

✔ Grippy

Read on to learn more about the different wools we use.
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Why Use Different Wools?

Different wools have different properties, which bring different qualities to our fabrics. Some might be chunky and have a very woolie texture, while others might be finer and more mouldable - this makes wool one of the most versatile yarns we use. Keep reading to find out more about the specific wool used in your sling.

Remember, you can check the percentage of a certain yarn in your sling on the listings page, the higher the percentage the more prominent the following qualities will be.

What Do We Mean By Temperature Regulating?

Wool is a brilliantly versatile yarn which is more suited to year-round wear than you might expect. Temperature regulating qualities mean that as your temperature rises the wool draws the heat and moisture away from your body and releases into the air. Conversely, when it is cold wool effectively keeps the heat in, meaning woolie slings will keep you cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

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Superwash Wool

Superwash wool is a lightweight woolie yarn which offers cush and drape. Thinner in hand than some other wool yarns, Superwash wool is soft and mouldable but is still strong enough to carry toddlers. This is the ultimate all-rounder woolie yarn.

Retaining the qualities of standard wools, fabrics made with this yarn are breathable and temperature regulating.

This yarn is specially treated to be safe to wash on 30-degree delicates cycle and will dry quicker than other varieties, making it perfect for busy wool lovers. As we always put the environment front and centre when choosing yarns, our Superwash wool is only treated with biodegradable and Ecotex certified chemicals.

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Superwash Cashwool

Superwash Cashwool is a superfine merino yarn which is soft and wonderfully breathable. As with Superwash wool above, this yarn can be washed at 30-degrees on a delicates/wool cycle, and dries quickly, making it an ideal yarn for babywearing.

Designed to emulate the luxurious feeling of Cashmere, but with a smaller price tag, Cashwool is a great option for wool lovers. Temperature regulating, this yarn is perfect for year-round wear and with a little stretch it is perfect for carrying newborns right through to toddlerhood.

Similar to Superwash wool above this yarn is made with the environment in mind, Superwash Cashwool is produced using machines designed to save power and water and advanced methods of chemical capture are used.

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One of the thicker wools we offer, Lambswool is well loved by parents carrying bigger kids. This soft and cushy yarn is great at avoiding digging on your shoulders, while provide unwavering support even when carrying pre-schoolers. With the classic temperature regulating qualities of wool, fabrics made with this yarn makes for a wonderfully breathable sling.

Despite its thickness lambswool can work well for little ones too, especially when used in lower percentages. If you are wanting to carry little ones in a high percentage lambswool sling you might find a little breaking in is necessary.

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Donegal Wool

Donegal wool is a superfine wool yarn which has a lovely rich cush for the shoulders and less of the traditional woolie texture. Well-known for its malleability and its distinctive coloured flecks, this style of wool is also temperature regulating and is perfect for year-round wear.

Perfect for carrying little ones and bigger kids alike this is a versatile wool which is suitable for new wrappers.

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Shetland Wool

Gathered from the Shetland variety of sheep, Shetland wool is soft and silky to the touch. Perfect for wintery weather this durable yarn is wonderfully cosy, thanks to the evolution of the woolie coat of the Shetland sheep which was needed to keep them warm in harsh island winters. Despite this cosiness, this style of wool is still lovely and breathable.

As Shetland wool doesn't have the 'guard hairs' of other woolie yarns it has noticeably less prickle than traditional wools - perfect for those with a sensitivity to woolie textures.

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Don't forget, wrapping quality isn't all about the yarns!

Weave technique can also play a big part in how a sling feels. If you are looking for something with a little more support for bigger kids, look out for the term 'hybrid' or 'weft facing weaves' in our descriptions. This means the fabric will be more densely woven and more supportive.

Terms like 'pocket' or 'quilted' weave, mean that this fabric is woven with two layers. This gives the ultimate cushy feel and a wonderful support.
You can learn more about pocket and quilt weaves here.

'Open' weaves, indicate that a fabric will feel more fluid and malleable in hand, so will be lovely for wrapping with newborns.

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