At Oscha we are passionate about textile design

Designed in-house in our wee Scottish workshop and woven in England our fabrics are made
from the highest quality, responsibly sourced and organic yarns. We handcraft our woven fabrics into
beautiful baby carriers, as well as stylish homeware and accessories.
You might have seen our designs on Teemill’s organic T-shirts.

With the exclusive license from Middle-earth Enterprises, we have a range of gorgeous designs and
fabrics featuring specially developed patterns inspired by the works of Tolkien. Whether you are looking
for a carrier or a throw we have something to suit every the Lord of the Rings fan!



Discover the Middle Earth Collection

Drawing inspiration from the rich tales in the works of Tolkien, and with exclusive rights from Middle-earth Enterprises, we have created a series of gorgeous designs steeped in a mythology that has enthralled generations of children and adults.

The carefully crafted creation of this world naturally compliments Oscha’s unique aesthetic where timeless design and considered colourways come together to provide elegant, wearable art for you to cherish.

A dedication to creating a considered piece of art, along with a devotion to the minutiae of this folklore has allowed us to bring Middle-earth to life in an authentic and tasteful way through our range of wraps, ring slings, carriers & accessories.


Explore our British made homeware and accessories.

Love the Oscha style? We have a gorgeous range of ethically made homeware and accessories made just for you!

Woven with Oscha’s signature patterns we have a lovely range of homeware and accessories: from throws to mugs, scarves to handbags, we have something to suit your style.

All of these items are made with the finest, responsibly sourced and organic materials for products which will stand the test of time #BuyLessBuyBetter

Our slings are baby carriers you will love to use!

Oscha wraps and ring slings are a long length of intricately woven fabric specially designed to carry your child.

Baby wraps are fully adjustable and offer the most comfortable & snug fit allowing you to carry for longer periods of time.

Ring Slings are secured on the shoulder through a set of rings. Quick to use, they are perfect for carrying your child on short trips and for children who like to be up and down often.

Soft Structured Carriers are sewn into a traditional carrier shape and are quick and easy to put on. We have three styles of soft structured carriers all of which are great for busy parents.

Not sure which one is for you? Take a look at our Getting Started page.

Woven with Love, Crafted with Care

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Responsible production is at the heart of Oscha, we love our planet and want to keep it
beautiful for generations to come. This is why we only use responsibly sourced and organic 
yarns, and why our beautiful baby carriers are woven in the UK and handcrafted in Scotland.

Our baby carriers are made with zero waste, and each sale contributes to our growing grove in
the Caledonian forest where we are working with Trees for Life to ‘reforest’ the Scottish Highlands.